Isla-Gracd Ltd was born from a lifelong passion for all things to do with arts and crafts, especially interior design.

The dream of starting a business of my own really started back in 2007 when I bought an end-of-terrace cottage with spectacular views over the rolling hills of the Weald of Kent which, with the help of my wonderful parents, I lovingly renovated from top to bottom.   It was exhausting but the sense of achievement was immense.

The house went on the market two years ago during which time I received a phone call from a researcher for A Place in the Sun: Home or Away, informing me that they had viewed my cottage, loved it and wanted to have it on the show - and it was.  Friends and family have always, and still do, tell me that 'I have an eye for these things' but this gave me the confidence to believe that I really do.

The dream became much more real when 6 years ago I met my partner whose parents ran a highly successful shop on Goodge Street for 26 years, as well as wholesaling to the likes of Liberty's and other well known stores.  They designed and sourced most of their products in India and formed close friendships with their suppliers which still exist today.  I have heard countless stories and seen wonderful photos of their shop, which inspired me greatly, fuelling my idea of one day being able to create something of my own.  

Add to this a furniture painting course with the wonderful Annie Sloan and my creative juices were only just getting started!

So, here we are. Isla-Grace Ltd was born from my passion as was the name itself, being a  combination of the middle names of my darling daughters, who of course are my daily inspiration.