Christmas celebrations are now over ....

....and the #newyear is almost upon us. I always feel this time feels like an ‘inbetweener’, the build up to #christmas, then like a flash it’s over and we have this in between time whilst we wait to see in the New Year.

I have to say 2019 has been tough! We moved into our lovely new home which should have been a joy but it took us so much hard work, delays and stress to get here at one point we weren’t sure it would happen at all. We settled in only to be met with one problem after another, still ongoing making the feelings about this wonderful place mixed. There’s been deaths in both sides of our family, serious illness to close family and a dear friend, really hard times for our eldest who has been struggling at school which we now know was due to undiagnosed dyslexia, and most recently, only two days ago we buried our beloved 17 year old cat.

So, I have very mixed feelings about 2019, more bad than good and am very much looking forward to welcoming in a new and hopefully easier year.

But, even through all of this, the feelings that it’s just too much and I’m not sure I have the strength to go on, the feelings of fear and anxiety at loosing those dear to me and how with every passing year we all grow a year older and the inevitable is quite frankly inevitable, I know how truly blessed I am to live the life I life. To have such wonderful #family and #friends is a blessing and not one everybody has, to have a roof over your head and a lovely one at that, to have holidays, money to be able to treat the kids to the cinema or go out for meals, yes we work hard for it but again some people don’t ever get the opportunity to do work hard at a good job to give them the lifestyle they want...deserve.

So, yes #2019 I will be glad when you’re over, but from you I will take those lessons learned into the next year, to count my blessings for all I have and to try to help those in need of it wherever I can and however I #newyearresolution is to try to be a better person, be more grateful and give my time more to helping others...let’s see what you’ve got in store 2020!!

So to all you lovely people out there feeling similar in this ‘inbetween’ time...a New Year means a fresh start and...we’ve got this! 😊

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